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A Complete Guide to Sunnah Solat

by Mohd Yusoff Haji Ismail

Publisher - Jahabersa & Co

Category - Islam

Sunnah solat has been part of Muslim culture. Such prayers are regarded as a source of joy by pious Muslims. It is the ultimate form of joy since it produces real and enduring sense of peace and tranquility, not just a fleeting sense of escapism that one finds from the various forms of modern entertainment that are bogus and highly unrewarding. While such bogus entertainment may satisfy one’s lust, one’s heart and soul remain devoid of true and everlasting happiness. Compulsory solat alone is not enough to fill one’s heart and satisfy the soul, especially when the prayers of the ummah (Muslim community) in the fast-approaching doomsday era are full of shortcomings. A person who performs the five compulsory solat sessions without following them up with the sunnah solat is like a person eating rice without gravy. His soul becomes fragile and can easily break. If people are ready to devote much money and time to prepare all kinds of gravy to with rice, then the same principle should be applied to our acts of worship or ibadah. Even though sunnah, the role of sunnah ibadah such as the sunnah solat is extremely big and significant. Let us understand, appreciate and put into practice whatever knowledge on the sunnah solat that we gather from this book.

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