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A Complete Guide to Academic Research In Built Environment and Engineering

by Editors: Abu Hassan Abu Bakar, Ruhizal Roosli, Ernawati Mustafa Kamal, Zul Zakiyuddin Ahmad Rashid

Publisher - 2018

Category - Engineering & IT

"Just when you feel frustrated and thought of giving up, this book is here to save the day – and your future. Flip through and you will know this is what you need to survive the journey, especially in the real academic setting nowadays. A Complete Guide to Academic Research in Built Environment and Engineering provides · Complete coverage on the nut and bolts of academic research in the fields of built environment and engineering · Detailed explanation of every stage in the research process – from definitions to real-world examples, common mistakes and logical comparison · Realistic expectations paired with practical and step-by-step alternatives to address unforeseen issues The respected local and international authors of this book have articulately penned their thoughts and experiences to provide a definitive road map to surviving academic research especially in built environment and engineering. It is definitely a highly recommended guide for students and researchers – whether you are contemplating academic research or may have just begun the journey!"

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