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Exploring Best Practice for Home Warranty System

by Sufardy Sibly, Abdul Aziz Hussin, Nor` Aini Yusof

Publisher - Penerbit USM

Category - Engineering & IT

Housing industry has been one of the major contributors towards the Malaysian economic growth in terms of its affiliation with other industries involving public and private sectors. Additionally, the housing industry also provides mass employment opportunities. With the industry competitively expanding locally and globally, the industry does not escapes from problems such as abandoned projects, late delivery, fraud and defects. Due to housing demands, there are different kinds of housing guarantee and warranty schemes being offered in various countries in order to entice the buyers besides promoting quality homes. The aim of this book is to highlight a few criteria that can be considered as the best practices of the home or housing warranty system. These criteria resulted from the detailed researches and comparison from related literatures, and also from current practices in terms of its legislative control, political and economic influences, the knowledge process and the design. By combining all the features and the best practices, this book proposes a framework to act as the guideline to determining whether the home warranty has been applied. Finally, this book provides the reason for having proper home warranty system, and its benefits to the house buyers in promoting safe, quality, affordable, and sustainable products.

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