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2D Electrical Imaging Assessement for Geotropical Region Issues

by Rosli Saad & Muhammad Sabiu Bala

Publisher - Penerbit USM

Category - Engineering & IT

This book aims to impart knowledge on tropical climate towards engineering and environmental field and 2D resistivity method in general. It is written in its simplest way, illustrated by examples and illustrations to enhance readers’ understanding of the general concepts and governing theories relating to electrical methods and how they are applied to solve problems affecting the subsurface of the tropical regions. The discussion centres around the common problems, detection using geophysical method of 2D resistivity, reliability of the method to depicts the subsurface, and solutions to overcome the problems related to tropical region. Examples of 2D resistivity survey in various fields were presented in this book including structural geology, groundwater exploration, mineral prospecting and quarry management. Others are seawater intrusion, land subsidence, geoengineering and environmental hazards. This book is suitable as a reference and companion to geophysics students, professional geophysicists, geologists and civil engineers as well as personnel involved in subsurface electrical works.

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