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Geophysical Approaches in Geological Structure Assessment

by Muhammad Taqiuddin Zakaria & Nordiana Mohd Muztaza

Publisher - Penerbit USM

Category - Engineering & IT

GEOPHYSICAL APPROACHES IN GEOLOGICAL STRUCTURE ASSESSMENT This book illustrates how geophysical methods can be used in subsurface investigations and exposed outcrops. It was written to share the knowledge of geophysical approaches (2-D resistivity, seismic refraction and ground magnetic) applied in making assessments towards geological structures. Furthermore, it presents, in detail, the importance of these methods in delineating the subsurface features with the purpose of enhancing the comprehension regarding the knowledge and concepts of the geophysical methods. This book accordingly compiles several case studies to capture the readers' interests and to ease their understanding. The geophysical methods used are non-destructive, rapid, relatively economic, and can vastly improve the characterization of the subsurface features. The correlation with geological parameters is used to validate the geophysical results for improved interpretations and analyses. The authors foreseen that this book has the potential to better expand the knowledge and share the experiences with those from the same field or to someone new to it. Muhammad Taqiuddin Zakaria graduated with BSc (2014), MSc (2017) and is currently pursuing fulltime doctorate degree in Exploration Geophysics at Universiti Sains Malaysia. He has experience working in the industry, as a research assistant in university and was involved in geophysical research, including environmental and engineering field, some of them being slope failure assessments, groundwater exploration and archaeo-geophysics research in Malaysia. He has published several journals and presented several research papers at local and international conferences. Nordiana Mohd Muztaza graduated with BSc (2008), MSc (2010) and PhD (2013) in Applied Science (Geophysics) at Universiti Sains Malaysia and later became a lecturer at the same university. She also conducts and teaches undergraduate and postgraduate students in their final year and research projects. She has experienced working in fields that involves engineering and environmental projects including slope, engineering and groundwater throughout the Peninsular Malaysia as well as Sarawak, Labuan, Indonesia and Brunei. Her research interest involves geophysics in mineral exploration, engineering and environmental study. She has published several journals, refereed proceeding papers and book chapters.

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