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History Of Truth : The Truth About God And Religions (3): The Bible

by Editors: Adel Elsaie


Category - General Academics

The author supports debate or dialogue between Christianity and Islam, instead of the destructive approach of clash of civilization. Early Christianity was a time of great Roman persecution upon the church. Early Christianity suffered the loss of about 50 Gospels introducing different theologies, and the defeat of about 80 sects by the declared winner, the Catholic Church that consisted mainly of Gentile pagan converts. The need to revise the Bible is due to the existence of the many English translations of the Bible, with major differences in the basic doctrines of Christianity. The Bible has been revised many times. Reading different versions of the English Bible is a very confusing experience. A comparison of contemporary English versions of Gospels shows many controversies and emphasizes the need of a unified Bible. The role of the deceptive Christian Missionaries is criticized. The presented approach can be considered as an extension to the single Gospel that was compiled by President Thomas Jefferson. This step should unify the many present Christian groups and eliminate major contradictions in the New Testament. This is followed by a step-by-step proposal to revise New Testament and produce a single Gospel without contradictions.

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