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USIM's Handbook On Academic Writing

by Penerbit USIM


Category - General Academics

Academic writing is one of the most important activities for academicians as well as students of institutions of higher learning. In order to initiate standard and orderly academic writings, a particular guide for academic writing should be established. The objectives of this handbook are as follows: 1. To guide students and academicians in producing acceptable standard academic writings. 2. To assist students in acquiring standard writing style. 3. To standardize the format and techniques for academic writings at USIM. 4. To facilitate students, academicians and readers in making further reference on a particular idea found in the writings. 5. To uphold USIM as an institution of higher learning that produces high quality academic writings. Apart from that, this handbook also serves as a guide for students and academicians of USIM in completing their theses, dissertations, academic project reports and other academic writings.

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