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The Malaysian Financial System An Overview

by M. Fazilah Abdul Samad

Publisher - University of Malaya Press

Category - General Academics

Chapter 1: Islamic Banking: Growth and Institutional Framework Chapter 2: Islamic Banking in Malaysia Prior to 2005 Chapter 3: Banking Capital Regulatory Requirements and Its Development Chapter 4: The Regulatory Changes and Consolidation of Malaysian Banking Sector: The Period 1989 to 2004 Chapter 5: Malaysia Derivatives Market Chapter 6: Securities Commissions’ Halal Counters Chapter 7: Corporate Governance in Malaysia Chapter 8: Insider Trading: An empirical Study on Bursa Malaysia     This book covers a wide range of topics that provide a brief review of the Malaysian financial such as Islamic Banking, Banking Capital Regulatory and Requirements, Malaysian Derivative Markets, Corporate Governance, as well as Insider Trading in Malaysia

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