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Food and Beverages in Islamic Science and Science Perspective

by Editors: Abdul Jalil Abdul Kader, Nur Huda Faujan & Hafiza Yahya

Publisher - Penerbit USIM

Category - Lifestyle

Foods and Beverages in Islamic and Science Perspectives covers several foods and beverages that has been widely used in Islamic history as health supplement in order to maintain our overall well-being. It discusses the benefits of salts, olive oil, goat milk, apple cider, dates, figs, coffee and honey. The discussions elaborated in the perspectives of Islamic literature, which refers to particular chapter and verse the Holy Quran (the Naqli) and Hadith Sahih as well as contemporary science (the Aqli). This book is suitable for all readers and valuables as references for academicians and researchers in the filed of Food Science and Nutrition.

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