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Advances in Biobanking Practice Through Public and Private Collaborations

by Julie Corfield

Publisher - Bentham Science Publishers

Category - Family & Health

Advances in Biobanking Practice Through Public and Private Collaborations presents an analysis of methods and current models of partnership between public and private organizations designed to improve biobanking practices in European countries. Chapters describe the state-of-the-art of public-private collaborations in biobanking on a global scale, innovative approaches to public-private partnerships, the role of a quality management system in biobanking collaborations, quality standard criteria specifically shaped for tumor biobanks, theoretical and practical access conditions to biobanks, the general legal framework governing biobanks at national, European and international levels and a concrete public-private partnership model for managing sample requests.
The contributions in this book include examples of established biobanking institutions (such as Spanish National Cancer Research Centre, National Institute of Health, Italy, and 3C-R, France among others) which serve to give readers a concrete perspective on current biobanking practices and relevant legal and ethical issues that shape the field. This book is an ideal handbook for all medical researchers, healthcare professionals and biobanking stakeholders seeking information about international biobanking practices and business models.

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