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The Snow Pony Mystery

by Angharad Thompson Rees

Publisher - Little Whimsey Press

Category - Teen Novel

Nobody believes the pony in Daisy's snow globe comes alive at night, not even her best friends.

Daisy thought riding with her friends to celebrate her ninth birthday would be a dream come true, but when they start teasing her about her 'wild snow pony' ideas, Daisy's warm heart turns cold.

But that's not the only thing turning...

Their crisp winter ride turns into a dangerous adventure when a raging blizzard descends, causing their frightened ponies to spook, and the riders to lose their way entirely.

Lost within the cold, white landscape, Daisy believes she knows how they can get help, but how can she get her friends to trust her when they don't believe in her snow pony, in magic, or even worse, they don't believe in her?

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