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Zakat's Economics and Poverty Alleviation Among Muallaf

by Fuadah Johari, Ahmad Fahme Mohd Ali, Muhammad Ridhwan Ab Aziz

Publisher - Penerbit USIM

Category - Islam

Zakat's Economics and Poverty Alleviation along Muallaf provides fundamental understanding on zakat and economic aspect focusing on the poverty alleviation among Muallaf. This book includes various and interesting topics in seven chapters, namely conceptual of comparative economy and zakat's economics, issues in zakat and poverty, challenges among Muallaf and zakat's impact measurement in reducing poverty using multiple and logistic regression. The zakat impact measurement shows some positive impact in alleviating poverty among Muallaf either directly or indirectly. Among the factors are level of education, household size, regional, income and zakat distribution itself. Thus, this book gives a depth perspective on zakat's economics and poverty alleviation among Muallaf.

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