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Summary of The Fall and Rise of the Islamic State - Noah Feldman

by Capitol Reader

Publisher - Political Book Summaries

Category - Islam

The must-read summary of Noah Feldman's book: “The Fall and Rise of the Islamic State”.

This complete summary of "The Fall and Rise of the Islamic State" by Noah Feldman, a prominent writer and professor of law, presents the author's explanation of how shari'a law and the classical Islamic constitution have survived into modern times, and of how new institutions must emerge if the constitutional balance of power is to be restored.

Added-value of this summary:
• Save time
• Understand Islamic law and its links to religious fundamentalism
• Expand your knowledge of international politics

To learn more, read "The Fall and Rise of the Islamic State" and discover why Islamic law has lasted into the 21st century, and what this means for Muslim-majority countries.

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